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Pete Donnelly

Pete Donnelly
When You Come Home

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The Candy Butchers
Hang on Mike


Mike Viola and The Candy Butchers
Falling into Place


Mike Viola and The Candy Butchers
Let’s Get Christmas EP


Pete Donnelly
Another Day on You

Actual Size


Jedediah Parish
Bloodsucker Blues


Steve Poltz
Nottinghill Soundtrack

String Builder


2012     Delayed Reaction    Soul Asylum
2012     We Travel the Spaceways    NRBQ
2011     Keep This Love Goin’    NRBQ
2011     Peach Crate    Jason Loughlin
2009     Buoy  Carsie Blanton
2009     Long Way Down    G. Love & Special Sauce
2009     Not Even In July    JBM
2008     Evolver    John Legend
2008     Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us  Death Vessel
2008     Misadventures in Stereo    Jim Boggia
2008     Superhero Brother    G. Love & Special Sauce
2007     FDR      McRad
2007     Let It Roll     Pawnshop Roses
2007     Nevermind My Blues      Ben Arnold
2006     Dance Away the Terror    The Capitol Years
2006     Lemonade    G. Love
2005     Stay Close    Death Vessel
2003     Who Will Be There to Hear [EP]     The Belles
2002     Play With Your Head     Candy Butchers
2002     Winter’s Kill    New Radiant Storm King
2001     Deepcut to Nowhere     Graham Parker
2001     Labour of Love: The Music of Nick Lowe
2001     Mass Avenue Freeze-Out     The Gravel Pit



1. So Fine
2. 22nd St.
3. Original Wonder
4. When You Come Home
5. Careful
6. The Keeping
7. Saratoga
8. The Only One
9. Can’t Talk At All
10. Far Away Angel
11. Tommy’s Piano
12. If They Can’t Get It Right
13. Break Through Silence
14. This Way The Back Door

1. What To Do With Michael
2. Nice To Know You
3. Unexpected Traffic
4. Kiss Alive II
5. Hang On Mike
6. Painkillers
7. Superkid
8. Not So Bad At All
9. Let’s Have A Baby
10. Charlie
11. Sparkle!
12. Hunker Down

1. Falling Into Place
2. Killing Floor
3. All I Have
4. Too Much Going On
5. Let It Ride
6. Give Me Some Time
7. Hills of L.A.
8. I Don’t Know Anything
9. Can’t We Do Anything Right?
10. Stop When It Hurts
11. Doing It The Wrong Way
12. Break Your Heart
13. Fall Back Down
14. Once I Was

Give me a Second Chance for Christmas (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)
I want it that way (LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN 11/1/99)
All I want for Christmas is you (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)
Doin it the Reggae way (FALLING INTO PLACE OUTAKE)

01. Behind The Train
02. The Place Is Packed
03. Rushing All The Time
04. Another Day On You
05. Guitar Instrumental
06. Under Blankets
07. All Your Empty Memories
08. Letters to Friends
09. Shooting Away
10. Erased

1. Complicated
2. Ditch Your Love
3. Been Hurt
4. Obvious
5. Know
6. Sailor Song
7. Second Time Around
8. Broken Tooth
9. Dynamic
10. (A Song For) Super Clones Of The Future
11. Drop The Needle
12. Thanks To You

1. A Toast By Orson Welles
2. Let Go!
3. Mosquito Blues
4. Monkey Blues
5. Bystander Blues
6. Swollen Dam Breakdown Blues
7. Weird Sister Blues
8. Belshazzar Blues
9. Poison Snake Blues
10. Failure
11. She-Bat
12. The Sheep Are Wet With Dew
13. A Tale of Horror By Orson Welles
14. Fleur de Lys Blues

11. Everything About You – Steve Poltz (remix, bonus track)

9. Lake View
11. Lashes Under Lid

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