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Graham Parker

Graham Parker
The Last Rock and Roll Tour


Graham Parker
Live Cuts From Somewhere


Graham Parker
Songs of No Consequence


Graham Parker
103 Degrees In June


1. Turn It Into Hate
2. Don’t Let It Break You Down
3. Soul On Ice
4. Weeping Statues
5. Fool’s Gold
6. Local Girls
7. Daddy’s A Postman
8. Impenetrable
9. Sharpening Axes
10. Back Door Love
11. She Never Let Me Down

12. Obsessed With Aretha
13. Take Everything
14. Stupefaction
15. Soul Shoes
16. Saturday Nite Is Dead
17. Get Over It And Move On
18. Cream
19. Glass Jaw
20. Bubblegum Cancer
21. Don’t Get Excited
22. Around And Around

1. No Holding Back
2. Devil’s Sidwalk
3. High Horse
4. Discovering Japan
5. Love Gets You Twisted
6. (GP Jack Yak)
7. I’ll Never Play Jacksonville
8. Tough On Clothes
9. That’s What They All Say

10. Love Is A Burning Question
11. You Hit The Spot
12. Get Started, Start A Fire
13. If It Ever Stops Rainin’
14. That’s When You Know
15. Hotel Chambermaid
16. Hipshake
17. Big Fat Zero
18. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

1. Vanity Press
2. Bad Chardonnay
3. She Swallows It
4. Chloroform
5. Evil
6. Dislocated Life
7. Suck ‘N’ Blow
8. There’s Nothing On the Radio
9. Ambivalent
10. Go Little Jimmy
11. Local Boys
12. Did Everybody Just Get Old?

1. Don’t Get Excited
2. Soul Shoes
3. Stick To Me
4. Vanity Press
5. Nothing’s Gonna Pull It Apart
6. If It Ever Stops Rainin’
7. Bad Chardonnay
8. Dislocated Life
9. Brand New Book
10. Local Girls
11. Pourin’ It All Out
12. Hotel Chambermaid
13. The Raid
14. Hold Back The Night
15. There’s Nothing On The Radio
16. Saturday Night Is Dead

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